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DUI/DWI Defense

Drunk Driving, DWI, DUI, DWAI, and DWAI Drugs are very serious offenses in New York State that can result in loss of driver license and possibly even jail time. If you are accuses of any Drunk Driving charge it is very important you get professional representation.

Sex Crimes

Being a accused of a Sex Crime can be a very humiliating experience, especially if you are not guilty. There is no easy way of dealing with it yourself and even the slightest rumor can lead to loss of job, family abandonment, and even being evicted from where you live.

Violent Crimes/Assult

Police are trained to assume an innocent party guilty, even though the evidence is not always there. Although the police usually do a good job, you are innocent until proven guilty.

Traffic Tickets

Although it’s considered a minor offense, traffic tickets can become very costly, especially when you factor in the rising cost of insurance. Don’t go at this alone.

About us

The Law Office of Guy J. Allen has been serving the community of Hempstead, New York, for over 30 years as the leading criminal attorney service. Life can sometimes catch us off guard. We make plans and have a vision of how we want our lives to play out, but often circumstances can leave us in situations that we don’t anticipate. If you have recently been caught off guard and are facing criminal charges, then you are likely seeking the professional guidance of a defense attorney. Guy J. Allen, Attorney at Law, has been working with clients for three decades to help them confront their charges and fight for the best possible outcome. If you are looking to fight for your rights and your future, contact us today.

Criminal Lawyer

What is a criminal lawyer? A criminal lawyer is a legal representative who can help you defend yourself or your company from criminal activity charges. Some of the areas a criminal defense attorney can assist you with include:

• DUI or DWI

• Drug Sales

• Sex Crimes

• Assault

• Theft

Guy J. Allen, Attorney at Law, has built an extensive career out of defending the rights of his clients who face these and similar charges.

DUI/DWI Attorney

Drinking and driving are a dangerous combination. Whether it was one drink or many more, drinking and driving can land you in some serious trouble. There is no better way to defend your rights, especially if you feel you have been wrongfully charged, than hiring a skilled DUI attorney. Guy J. Allen has worked with countless clients as their DUI and DWI lawyer, helping them to secure the best possible outcome to an extremely expensive and time-consuming process.

Drug Sale Attorney

The Law Office of Guy J. Allen is a prominent drug sale attorney who is very familiar with fighting drug sale charges. With charges that range from a misdemeanor to a felony – with maximum prison sentences ranging from 1 to 20 years – drug sale charges must be taken very seriously. These kinds of charges must be dealt with using the professional experience of a Drug Sale Attorney such as Guy J. Allen. He will work very closely with you to help you understand the charges brought against you, what your rights and options are, and he will defend your best interests in a court of law.

Sex Crimes Attorney

Sex Crimes are a most unfortunate and humiliating aspect of society. For victims, the humiliation is compounded by the trauma of the incident. For the accused, it is embarrassing to be charged with a sex crime, especially if you are wrongfully accused. Guy J. Allen is a sex crimes attorney who can help you fight the charges and preserve your reputation. Many sex crimes are felonies that will follow the person for the rest of their life. These types of charges can hurt their opportunities for employment, relationships, and more. Connect with one of New York’s most prolific sex crimes attorneys today and learn more about how you can prevent this stigma from being a lifelong blemish on your personal and professional record.

Assault Crimes Attorney

Another one of the areas that Guy J. Allen has spent many years working in is assault crimes. Assault is a charge that claims the perpetrator had threatened a victim or victims with immediate harm. Assault charges can be brought up against people who were trying to defend themselves and often cause extreme harm to people who were otherwise just trying to look out for their own well-being. However, if a threat was determined by an accuser, they can bring up such charges. It is with the help of a qualified assault crimes attorney like Guy J. Allen that you can best defend yourself from being punished for a crime you did not commit.

Theft Crimes Attorney

As a theft crimes attorney, Guy has helped clients defend their rights as they are brought to trial for the theft of private property. There are varying degrees of theft (theft, petty larceny, and grand larceny) that comes with varying levels of consequences. They, like many of the other crimes this criminal lawyer helps his accused clients fight, come with different consequences depending on the severity of the crime. To reduce your risk of facing misdemeanor charges, felony charges and the consequences associated with those offenses, contact theft crimes attorney Guy J. Allen today.

If you live in Hempstead, Mineola, Freeport, or Nassau County, New York, and you need the guidance of a qualified criminal attorney, contact the Law Office of Guy J. Allen today.