Nassau County Sex Crimes Attorney

Sex-crimes-lawyer-nassau-countyBeing arrested for a sex crime can be quite a traumatic and frightening experience. It is worse if you do not have an experienced Nassau County sex crime attorney to help you fight the charges made against you. Being on your own to fend for yourself in such a situation can be extremely difficult.

You may think you cannot afford to pay for an attorney or you may feel too embarrassed or overwhelmed to hire one, but only a competent and experienced Nassau County sex crime attorney like Guy J. Allen can give you the thorough and aggressive defense you deserve that will give you peace of mind.

Grave punitive damages await people who are convicted of sex crimes. These include jail sentence, probation, and hefty fines. A lot of these crimes are felonies that will stain the person’s criminal record for life. This could affect his chances for gainful employment or further education. In addition, sex offenders are listed on a sex criminal registry that bears more adverse consequences than those of less serious felonies.

Because sex crime laws vary from state to state, only a competent Nassau County sex crime attorney is well-versed on the laws that may pertain to your particular case. Guy Allen has been defending clients in Suffolk County, Nassau County, and other areas surrounding the 5 NY Burroughs accused of various crimes including sex felonies for at least 30 years now.

Stigma of Having the Sex Offender Status

Being tagged as a sex offender carries a gamut of social stigma in the eyes of both the law and society. Aside from having very limited employment opportunities, a sex offender is not allowed to live with children and there is bias in situations requiring a background check. In New York, the name of a person convicted for minor sex felonies remains on the sex offender registry for 20 years. For more serious sex crime offenders, the listing remains for life.

In general, the consequences of having a sex offender status include:

Being barred from living near schools or in certain neighborhoods; likewise, any change of address must be reported to the local police department
– Being required to inform neighbors of classification as a sex offender
– Not being allowed to work in any capacity with sensitive groups or children
– Not being allowed to bear arms

Photo may need to be taken at the police station once every one to three years

Police authorities may require offender to provide ISP information, online usernames, and email addresses

If found guilty, a sex offender will be required to keep in constant touch with police officers for the rest of his natural life. Although this is done with the best interest of society in mind, it is a very serious consequence that should serve as a deterrent for future sex criminals. For legal representation or more information, The Law Office of Guy J. Allen.